Lizzi Bougatsos

American , 1974 -

The work of Lizzi Bougatsos is a wide-ranging practice that encompasses sculpture, collage, installation, writing, and performance. She appropriates the cultural and commercial detritus of the present in both material and subject. Found posters and advertising are often re-purposed with painted or collaged elements to both undermine and reveal the narratives that are woven into the visual fabric of the city and popular media. Her practice is deeply responsible to the politics of media representation and does not shy away from referring to the troubled state of current socio-political events. She frequently employs comedy and humor that is both disarming while at the same time serves as a means to frankly comment on the moment in which we live. By manipulating familiar, ordinary materials Bougatsos hints at the strangeness of what lies behind closed doors. Her sculptures in ice are particularly regarded as performances; as they are temporary objects, they disappear, engendering a feeling of escape to the disarming elements and harsh realities of everyday life.

In addition to her work as a visual artist, Lizzi Bougatsos is the co-founder and front woman of the well-known and "monumental" (as V Magazine dubbed them) experimental music bands, Gang Gang Dance and I.U.D.. Bougatsos has also musically collaborated with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Jutta Koether (XXX Macarena) as well as Sadie Laska (Growing, Extreme Violence). With Gang Gang Dance and I.U.D., Bougatsos has toured all over the world and has released numerous albums.
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