Charles Maurin

French , 1856 - 1914

A skilled painter and color etcher, Charles Maurin was one of the most influential artists in the revival of interest in the art of color etching at the end of the nineteenth century in France. Among his contemporaries were Bonnard, Vuillard, Toulouse- Lautrec and Denis, to name a few.

Maurin’s themes were usually inspired from the quiet emotion of interior, domestic life, as seen in “La Première Toilette” and “Deux Jeune Filles à Leur Toilette”.

Maurin was instrumental in the revival of the art of color etching as this form of printmaking had, at the time, become largely neglected and he possessed a great deal of talent for the medium. He achieved exceptional qualities of color and light using a combination of multiple plate printing and à la poupée inking.


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