Franz Anton Maulbertsch

Austrian , 1724 - 1795

Painter and copper engraver, Franz Anton Maulbertsch was born in 1724 in Langenargen. His first teachers were his father and the painter, Von Roy. In 1793 he was registered as a student at the Court Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Vienna and after 1741 he was a student of J. van Schuppen at the Vienna Academy. Working mostly in Austria, Bohemia and Hungary, Maulbertsch painted alterpieces and frescoes under the influence of Ricci, Piazetta and Pittoni. He also followed Austrian traditions.

One of Maulbertsch's major early works was a series of frescoes for the parish church of Sümeg (1757-1759), followed by frescoes for the Erdõdy-castle and its chapel, allegoric frescoes for the Féltorony-castle and frescoes of the Gyõr cathedral. He also completed the dome of the Vác cathedral, frescoes of St. Stephen for the parish church in Vác and frescoes of the Episcopal see in Szombathely.

His works abroad include the frescoes for the piarist church in Vienna, the church in Pöltenberg, the Inssbruck residence, the frescoes in Klosterbruck and Mühlfrauen and frescoes for the library of the Strachow monastery in Prague.


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