Haku Maki

Japanese , 1924 - 2000

Haku Maki is the artistic name of Maejima Tadaaki, born in 1924 in Asomachi in the Abaragi Prefecture. Maki had almost no formal art training, except for his involvement in meetings guided by the master modernist, Onchi Kôshirô after the Second World War. Maki’s earliest works were strongly influenced by Kôshirô.

Maki worked in a number of printing techniques, but he is best known for his combined woodcut, stencil, lamination and cement-relief block prints. To create these prints, Maki would carve and score the cement paste while it was still wet. The blocks were then rubbed and pressed onto paper with pressure from his hands, using both water-based and oil-based pigments.

In 1969, Maki designed 21 block prints to accompany ancient poetic songs from the 5th to the 9th century. His later works are composed of a broad range of variations on the use of calligraphic shapes.
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