Helen Lundeberg

American , 1908 - 1999

Helen Lundeberg was born in Chicago in 1908. In 1912, her family moved to Pasadena and she attended Pasadena Junior College with the intention of becoming an English teacher. After she graduated in 1930, a family friend offered Lundeberg a scholarship to Stickney Memorial Art School in Pasadena. Lorser Feitelson, her instructor there, later became her husband.

In 1931, Lundeberg exhibited her first painting in San Diego and in 1933, she held her first one-person show. Though she was best known for her Post-Surrealist paintings and lithographs, the Works Progress Administration asked Lundeberg to create murals of a specific subject. Her murals validated her as a professional artist early in her career, she was 31 when she designed and supervised the construction of “The History of Transportation”.


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