Maximilien Luce

French , 1858 - 1941

Painter and printmaker Maximilien Luce was born in Paris in 1858. He was brought up in the working class surroundings of Montparnasse. His interest in the daily routines and labors of the people of Paris come through in his art. In 1876, he entered into an apprenticeship with the wood-engraver Henri Théophile Hildebrand. Soon after, he entered the studio of the wood-engraver Eugène Froment, where he assisted in the production of engravings for various French and foreign publications, such as “L’Illustration” and “The Graphic”.

Luce attended classes from time to time at the Académie Suisse and in the studio of Carolus-Duran. He came in contact with the artists Léo Gausson and Emile-Gustave Péduzzi at Froment’s studio and their company began painting landscape subjects in the town of Lagny-sur-Marne, and it’s surrounding areas. Mazimilien Luce died in 1941 in Paris.


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