Claude Lorrain

French , 1600 - 1682

Claude Gellee (also known as Claude Lorrain) was born in 1600 and at the age of twelve, he was a pastry cook for the landscape painter Augustino Tassi, who eventually took him on as an apprentice. Lorrain traveled to Italy and France and returned to settle permanently in Rome in 1627.

Under the patronage of Pope Urban VIII, Lorraine quickly rose to fame for his poetic treatment of landscapes. His paintings became so popular, as well as widely imitated, that to avoid forgeries, he began to record his compositions in a notebook of drawings. Engravings were made later of these drawings and they were published as the “Liber veritatis” in 1777. Lorrain’s harbor scenes and views of the Roman countryside made a lasting influence on the art of landscape painting.
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The Herd Returning in Stormy Weather

Circa 1650-51

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