Max Liebermann

German , 1847 - 1935

Max Liebermann was born in Berlin in 1847. His career as a painter, printmaker, and collector spanned over forty years. Liebermann first studied philosophy and later turned to study drawing and painting. He became rather famous in Paris where he studied from 1873.

Due to his inherited wealth, he was able to acquire an impressive collection of French Impressionist works. Liebermann traveled extensively in Europe and Holland, learning the art of etching in soft-ground and drypoint from Jan Vert. In Germany, he quickly became a leading figure in the art world, winning the Gold Medal at the Berlin Salon of 1897. He became the first President of the Berlin Secession in 1899. Liebermann was a painter and printmaker of landscapes, portrait and genre and his output was prodigious, as he produced hundreds of fine etchings.

Shortly after the Nazi regime gained power, Liebermann was forced to resign his Presidency of the Prussian Art Academy. Max Liebermann died in 1935 at the age of 88.
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