Auguste Louis Lepère

French , 1849 - 1918

A French painter and etcher, Auguste Lepère was also the undisputed leader in the creative revival of wood engraving in Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century. At the age of thirteen, Lepère began his artistic education in a Paris studio. By the mid 1870s, he had clearly emerged as one of the most renowned printmakers of his time. In both etching and wood engraving, he became known as the prime delineator of daily life. He also experimented tirelessly with such innovative techniques as combining

etching and wood engraving in the same print. Further, he was one of the first artists to experiment with colored papers and often had his own papers specially made. In total, his graphic oeuvre consists of more than 150 etchings, more than two hundred wood engravings, and fourteen lithographs.
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