Ohara Koson (aka Shoson)

Japanese , 1877 - 1945

Born in Kanazawa, Ohara Koson studied with the Shijo-style painter Suzuki Kason. Under the name Koson, he made made Russo-Japanese War prints in 1904, and many small kacho (nature study) prints, designed by Matsuki Heikichi of Daikokiya for export. He taught at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts for a short time, but was encouraged by Ernest Fenellosa to design woodblock prints. Using the name Ohara Koson, he designed bird and flower prints as early as 1910. In 1912 he abandoned print design, changed his name to Shoson, and dedicated himself to painting. In 1926 he resumed kacho hanga print production. His prints were published chiefly by Watanabe Shozaburo. He used the name Hoson on works published by Sakai-Kawaguchi. Hundreds of his bird prints were exported to America. His sensitive renderings of birds and flowers are deservedly popular.
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Magnolia and Black-Winged Magpie

ca. 1930s

Scholten Japanese Art

Under $2,200

Roaring Tiger Near Rocks

C. 1910

Stanza del Borgo S.R.L.

Under $2,200

Rooster and chiks

Stanza del Borgo S.R.L.

Under $2,200

Carrion Crow on a Snow-covered Branch at Dawn.

Allinson Gallery, Inc.

Under $2,200

Snow on Willow Bridge


Verne Collection, Inc.

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