Alfred Jensen

American , 1903 - 1981

Alfred Julio Jensen was born in 1903 in California of German, Danish and Polish heritage. From ages seven to fourteen, Jensen studied in Denmark, then went to sea and did some farming in Guatemala. Eventually he attended and graduated from the Fine Arts School of San Diego. After graduating, he traveled to Munich, Germany to study the traditional drawing style of the masters.

Jensen's work is based on theories of color, light, time, architecture, the Mayan calendar, and the I Ching. With the goal of bringing ancient truths into the modern age, Jensen created historically- and mathematically- based compositions.

Jensen’s first one-man show was in 1953 at the Heller Gallery in New York City. In 1965, he was awarded a Tamarind Fellowship, which enabled him to complete twenty lithographs, entitled “A Pythagorean Notebook”. Jensen’s first major retrospective exhibition, “Paintings and Diagrams from the Years 1957-1977”, took place at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo in 1980. Alfred Jensen died in 1981 in New Jersey.


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