Christoffel Jegher

Flemish , 1596 - 1653

Flemish artist Christoffel Jegher was born in Antwerp in 1596. From 1625 to 1643 he worked for the Antwerp publishing house, Plantin-Moretus, producing ornamental initials, book illustrations, vignettes and similar book decorations.

Jegher’s woodcuts appear in the Plantin Missals of 1626, 1628 and 1632, and in the Breviaries of 1627, 1631, 1632, 1636 and 1642. He also completed nearly 50 woodcuts for Juan Eusebio Nieremberg’s “Historia naturae”, published in 1635. Christoffel Jegher died in Antwerp sometime between September of 1652 and September of the following year.
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The March of Silenus


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The Infant Christ and St. john Playing with the Lamb, after Peter Paul Rubens


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