Edna Boies Hopkins

American , 1872 - 1937

Edna Boies Hopkins was born in Hudson, Michigan in 1872. She attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1895 and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 1899. While at Pratt Institute, Hopkins studied the technique of Japanese woodblocks with Wesley Dow. She also studied in Provincetown with B.J.O. Nordfelt.

In 1904, Edna Boies met well-known painter James R. Hopkins, and the two married. Hopkins taught art at the Veltin School for Girls in New York City in 1900. Around the turn of the century, she became an important printmaker in the Provincetown, Massachusetts art colony. Hopkins traveled to Japan to observe the Japanese’s printmaking techniques.

She and her husband lived in Paris from 1905 to 1914 and from 1920 to 1923. She was active among various art and printmaking societies there, including the Societe Internationale des Gravuers en Couleurs, the Societ Nationale des Beaux Arts, the Societ des Artistes Decorateurs, the Societ Internationale des Graveurs sur Bois and the Societ du Salon Automne. During WWI, she lived in Cincinnati, while her husband served as an artillery camoflage instructor. In 1915, Hopkins won a silver medal at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, CA. Edna Hopkins died in 1937 in New York City.
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