Hiroshige II

Japanese , 1826 - 1869

Born in 1826, the original name of Hiroshige II was Chinpei Suzuki. His master, Ando Hiroshige gave him an artist name, Shigenobu. In 1845 he was adopted by his master and after his master’s death in 1858, Shigenobu married Otatsu, an adopted daughter of Hiroshige I. In literature, Shigenobu is generally referred to as Utagawa Hiroshige II. The marriage to his master’s daughter was not a happy one and the couple divorced in 1865.

Hiroshige II moved to Yokohama and earned a living painting tea boxes and lanterns for export. Woodblock prints by Hiroshige II continue in the landscape style of Hiroshige I, without much deviance. Hiroshige II tried to continue the formula of success by publishing more Tokaido prints.
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