Takahashi Hiroaki

Japanese , 1871 - 1945

Takahashi Hiroaki was born in 1871 in Asakusa, Tokyo with the given name of Takahashi Katsutaro. He was trained in traditional Japanese painting by his uncle, Matsumoto Fuko. After 1907 Hiroaki designed a number of prints for Watanabe’s print shop. Most of them were exported to Northern America. By 1923 Hiroaki had produced almost 500 designs and when Japan was hit by the Great Kanto eathquake in 1923, Watanabe’s print shop was destroyed, along with all of Hiroaki’s prints.

After the earthquake Hiroaki created about 250 prints, most showing scenic Japanese landscapes in the typical shin hanga style. He continued to make designs for Watanabe and also published with Fusui Gabo and Shobido Tanaka. In 1945 Hiroaki went to visit his daughter who lived in Hiroshima and after the Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb in history, Hiroaki was never seen again.
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