Arthur William Heintzelman

American , 1890 - 1965

American etcher, Arthur William Heintzelman first studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. He went to Europe for several years and completed his education in Holland, France, Spain, Belgium, England and Scotland. When he returned to the United States he accepted the position of Head of the Fine Arts Department at the Detroit School of Design for four years.

Heintzelman produced his first original etching in 1915 and in the three years that followed, he created more than fifty. He was dissatisfied with a number of his prints and, as a result, he often destroyed his plates after only two or three impressions. After World War I ended, Heintzelman returned to Paris to stay permanently. It was after this time that he made his finest etchings and drypoint engravings. His art was featured in exhibitions throughout the United States, France and England.

Heintzelman was a full member of the Chicago Society of Etchers, the California Society of Etchers, the American Federation Arts, the Societe Gravure Originale en Noir and the Associee Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Heintzelman was equally talented in producing miniature etchings and larger studies, two mediums to which he devoted most of his energies.
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