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The Musicians

Lucas van Leyden

The Musicians



117 x 74 mm

117 x 74 mm

Stanza Del Borgo S.R.L.


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Engraving, with the monogram and date at top right
Bartsch vol. VII, pag. 421, no. 155; Hollstein vol. X, pag. 174, no. 155
Filedt Kok, 1978, 155, B. a/b; Jacobowitz-Stepanek pag. 220, no. 86
117 x 74 mm
An extremely fine and clear impression, printed with tone, of this rare engraving. In the only state, first variant of two according to Filedt Kok.
In fine condition, with thin margins beyond the platemark.
This engraving, along with the two, of the same size, The Dentist and The Surgeon is an important example of the development of the genre scene in Holland. The contemporaries of Lucas were able to grasp the moralistic ideas; Vasari also appreciated the sense of ironic realism. The engraving is defined by Bartsch as one of the best of the master. The theme draws inspiration from Plutarch (Moralia 2.139.II), and illustrates the joys of marriage.
 Another impression is preserved at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (accession number: 59.534.1).