The Lulu Plays by Frank Wedekind

William Kentridge

The Lulu Plays by Frank Wedekind


Artist's Book

13 1/2" x 10"


Arion Press

San Francisco, CA


Under $2,200

More Information

Arion Press announces The Lulu Plays with esteemed South African artist William Kentridge for September 2015. One of Arion’s most ambitious artist books, this limited edition contains 67 drawings by William Kentridge bound into the book. The text is the original telling of the Lulu story by playwright Frank Wedekind, which inspired the silent cinema classic Pandora’s Box and the Alban Berg opera Lulu.

The images are derived from brush and ink drawings for projections for Kentridge’s 2015 production of Alban Berg’s opera Lulu, which was based on the two Wedekind plays from the turn of the century, Earth Spirit and Pandora’s Box.

Kentridge drew with brush and ink on dictionary pages. The definitions are in the background but the opening and closing words, in larger type, can be read. Often, after drawing, Kentridge moves the sheets, rearranging elements of the drawings so that they become collages and can resemble moving pictures. The appearance of the drawings on pages of the book is very different from the much larger versions in the opera set, where sometimes only a detail is used and images can be altered by the surfaces on which they are projected, as well as fractured or distorted by the planes and interfering elements of the scenery.

Book Edition: 400 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, 176 pages, quarto format, 13-1/2" x 10", printed by letterpress in black and in red, with 67 images bound into the book, hand bound, with a slipcase. Price: $2,000

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