"The Alienist's House", suite of 4 relief prints to accompany The Alienist

Carroll Dunham

"The Alienist's House", suite of 4 relief prints to accompany The Alienist


Relief Prints

18 1/2" x 22"


Arion Press

San Francisco, CA


Price upon request

More Information

A suite of four prints by Carroll Dunham has been published in conjunction with The Alienist, entitled "The Alienist's House". These are larger images that relate to and expand upon those in the book. Whereas in the book the sanitorium is shown from the outside with transparent walls, just one of the prints takes this approach, while the other three are interior views of rooms in the insane asylum, occupied by inmates and the doctor. The linear quality differs from the book in that the extra prints have broad, bold strokes, and the prints are on white paper, rather than the green of the book, printed in black and two tones of grey. The paper is Italian mouldmade Tiepolo, from the Fabriano mill, 100% cotton fiber, 300 grams. These are relief prints from photopolymer plates. The image size for the exterior view is 11 by 15 inches; for the three interior views it is 10-1/4 by 13-1/4 inches. The paper size is 18-1/2 by 22 inches. The editioning was done by Arion Press on a Vandercook proof press. The prints are numbered and signed by the artist and are presented, with a title page that includes edition information, in a full green cloth portfolio with green paper labels. Edition of 30, $2,750.00. A copy of the book must be purchased with each suite, making the total price $3,200.00. 

Further information about The Alienist may be viewed here: http://www.arionpress.com/catalog/055.htm