Ballad of Lemon & Crow

Bruce Conner

Ballad of Lemon & Crow


Artist's Book

10 1/4" x 7"


Arion Press

San Francisco, CA


Under $2,200

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The Ballad of Lemon and Crow is a tale of three generations of two neighboring families whose lives intertwine during the early and middle years of the twentieth century. Set in Oklahoma, it begins when the state is still the Indian Territory. 

The Ballad of Lemon and Crowhas many ingredients of the folk tale and the fable. The supernatural and the fantastic occur throughout. In the end the spells and enchantments inexorably unfold to bring about a chaos of murder and revenge, after which only the peace of desolation is left. Both houses fall and ghosts wander about the hills and on the red road that leads into the sunset.

Bruce Conner was born in McPherson, Kansas, in 1933. He received the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in 1955. He had solo exhibitions in galleries beginning in 1956. In 1960 he began to show at the Batman Gallery in San Francisco and in 1961 at the Alan Gallery in New York. 

The book is octavo in format, 10.25 by 7 inches. The type is English Old Style, composed and cast in Monotype by Mackenzie & Harris, San Francisco. The text paper is Ruysdael, an all-cotton machine-made sheet. The paper for the prints is T. H. Saunders buff loan, an all-cotton mouldmade sheet. The ink-blot drawings in gray beneath the folios and the rebus on the title page were printed from photopolymer plates. Printing of the type and plates was by letterpress. The book is bound in yellow cloth with an ink-blot pattern in black, from a drawing by an anonymous artist that is continuous front to back, interrupted by a black cloth spine. The book is enclosed in a black slipcase. Both book and slipcase have yellow spine labels.

Price: $500

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