Monica Lundy



Carborundum and gesso

137 x 94 cm

Edition of 25

Stoney Road Press Ireland


+353 1 887 8544

$2,200 - $5,500

More Information

The artist worked from original photographs of patients at Bethlem Royal Hospital in London, the images date from the 1800's. Bethlem Royal Hospital, founded in 1247, was the first institution in England to specialize in care for the mentally ill. It's one of the most famous and infamous psychiatric institutions in history, and the word 'bedlam' was derived from the hospital's prior nickname which it acquired in the 14th century as a result of its inhumane treatment of patients. In Victorian times, Bethlem Royal Hospital sought to treat only 'curables' and worked with photographer Henry Hering to take 'before' and 'after' photographs of the patients. Lundy's images are based on Henry Hering's photos of patients from the hospital, before their medical treatments.