Night Shadows

Edward Hopper

Night Shadows



7 x 8 3/8 inches (sheet 10 x 13 71/16 inches)

Edition approximately 500-600.

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Night Shadows. 1921. Etching. Levin 82. 7 x 8 3/8 (sheet 10 x 13 71/16). Series: Six American Etchings: The New Republic Portfolio, 1924. Edition approximately 500-600. Illustrated: Beall, American Prints in the Library of Congress: 222. A rich impression printed by the master printer, Peter Platt, on Van Gelder wove paper with full margins. Signed in pencil. Housed in a gold and silver modernist style frame.

In this print, the viewer is given a bird's-eye perspective of a city street corner. Hopper has evoked an entire world with just a few elements: a storefront, a fire hydrant, and a lone walking man who is about to cross the looming shadow of a streetlight that lies across his path. The setting that inspired Hopper was an actual location in New York, which the artist also used for his oil painting New York Corner (also known as Corner Saloon, 1913; Museum of Modern Art, New York). It is a downtown street near the riverfront, marked by a simple brick building with a painted sign; yet as ordinary as this place may be, Hopper has made it seem mysterious and even threatening through the use of dark tonalities and strong compositional devices. The viewer becomes a voyeur, watching the unaware pedestrian, and a possible narrative of the man's destination at this late hour (when even the saloon is closed) extends beyond the single moment of the image. Hopper's sensibility in such a work as Night Shadows forecasts the film noir style of the 1940s, with its shadowy lighting and its narratives of crime, guilt, and betrayal. 

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