Jakob Philip Hackert

German , 1737 - 1807

German painter and printmaker, Jakob Philipp Hackert was also known as “Hackert of Italy” since he spent much of his time in Rome. Most of his artistic efforts were concentrated on landscape painting and studies of landscape that had been neglected since the time of the Dutch and of Claude Lorraine. Hackert went out to the country with large folios and drew his outlines in pen. To produce watercolors, he often painted entirely from life, making exceptional studies of animals.

As early as 1769, Hackert visited Licenza on a trip from Tivoli to Subiaco, making numerous sketches. These sketches were eventually used as the basis for “Ten Views of Horace’s Country House”, engraved and published in 1780. The series proved to be quite popular and during the 1780s, Hackert made paintings based on the engravings. The paintings were sold to the Queen of Naples to be given as a gift to her sister, the Archduchess Maria Christina of Brussels. Sadly, the paintings never made it to Brussels, but were lost at sea in a shipwreck. In 1982, the paintings reappeared on the art market and were acquired by the German government and given to the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf. Hackert also published a relief map illustrating the main features of the Licenza valley to show the locations from which he made his drawings.


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