Richard Pousette-Dart

American , 1916 - 1992

Richard Pousette-Dart is best known for the painting, "Symphony #1, The Transcendental," one of the first large scale, Abstract Expressionist, mural paintings. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1916, Pousette-Dart grew up in Valhalla, NY and attended Bard College. The artist's interest was first peaked with an interest in the influential Vorticist sculpture of the 1930s and 1940s, particularly that of Henri Gaudier-Brzeske which served as an introduction for Pousette-Dart into the biomorphic and layered forms of his work. The artist was significantly influenced initially by the French cubists and surrealists, as well as their roots in primitivism.

Primarily a painter, Pousette-Dart's later both on canvas and on paper focused on more geometric froms and thick layering of colors. The artist's works have been shown at many significant institutions and galleries, including Art of This Century, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the XXIV Venice Biennale, the Phillips Collection, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.


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