Cantius Dillis

German , 1779 - 1854

Engraver Cantius Dillis was born in Grüngiebing, Wasserburg in 1779. He lived in Munich from 1789 where he studied under his brother, Johann Georg.

Dillis was appointed court copperplate engraver in 1801 and court painter in 1807. In 1796, he accompanied his brother to Linz, where paintings from the gallery were taken for safe keeping during the advancement of French forces under the rule of Napolean. The two men went to Rome in 1805 and to Paris in 1815 to return the paintings that had been removed by the French.

The earliest of Dillis’ six known etchings dates from 1790. His works often resemble those of Johann Georg, though his style lags behind in development. Such works, when unsigned, have easily been confused with the works of his eldest brother.


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