Allan Rohan Crite

African-American , 1910 -

Allan Crite was born in 1910 in New Jersey. He moved with his family to Boston, Massachusetts when he was very young. His mother was a poet who encouraged her son to draw. Crite’s work came to the attention of his fifth grade teacher, who suggested that he enroll in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts’ Children’s Art School.

Upon high school graduation in 1929, Crite won a scholarship to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. He spent a year as a Works Projects Administration artist in the 1930s and in 1940, he took a job as an engineering draftsman with the Boston Naval Shipyard.

Crite’s works can generally be categorized into three basic themes: Negro Spirituals, European aspects of the Bible and general African American experiences.

He created the Artist’s Collective, a major contribution to the African American art scene in Boston, providing a forum for emerging African American artists. He has authored several books, lectured widely and received numerous honorary degrees.


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