E. Stetson Crawford

American , 1877 - 1965

Stetson, who is related to the hat-maker James B. Stetson, trained at the academy/atelier set up by James McNeill Whistler. The two men quickly became friends and Whistler frequently offered Crawford critique on his paintings and etchings, which proved very influential as Crawford's style developed. Crawford eventually assumed the role of overseer to Whistler's students and was able to pass on what he learned from his master. After his service in World War I, Crawford's output of etchings became more prolific; he enjoyed depicting European towns, people and landscapes. In his hasty return to the United States at the start of World War II, Crawford was forced to leave much of his work behind in Europe, which was later destroyed during a bombing raid. His remaining works can now be found in some of the major American collections of prints, such as the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress.


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