Jack Cowin

American , 1947 -

Jack Cowin was born in 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He entered Indiana University as a Visual Communications major and Biology minor with intentions to pursue a career in medical illustration, but later transferred to Fine Arts to specialize in printmaking. He continued studies in printmaking and painting at the University of Indiana, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1971.

A skilled fly fisherman since childhood, Cowin began using the objects of his sport as the objects of his art, photographing each fish and portraying it in his art. His pre-med studies and his work as a medical illustrator manifest themselves in his finely detailed prints. Cowin produces his own original prints, destroying the metal plates afterwards to ensure that the edition remains limited to the original number.

His work has appeared in numerous shows, publications and galleries throughout the United States and Canada. Cowin currently makes his home in the Canadian province of Regina.


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