Edmond Casarella

American , 1920 - 1996

A printmaker, painter and sculptor, Edmond Casarella was a native of New Jersey. After studying at Cooper Union in New York, Casarella was hired by Antony Velonis to print serigraphs at Creative Printmakers under the National Youth Administration. His stint in the military was followed with studies at the School of the Brooklyn Museum under the GI Bill between 1949 and 1951.

With his printmaking background, it was natural for him to be drawn to the printmaking courses taught by Gabor Peterdi, Louis Schanker and Vincent Longo. Casarella made his first paper relief print about 1949 and he continued to experiment with this medium throughout his printmaking career. In 1951, he earned a Fullbright Fellowship which allowed him to travel throughout Italy and Greece and at the end of the decade he earned a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Casarella had a very punctuated teaching career which began in 1956 with classes at the Brooklyn Museum graphic workshop. He eventually taught courses at Finch College, Cooper Union, the Arts Students League and Hunter College in Manhattan and had temporary teaching positions at the Pratt Institute, Yale University, Rutgers University, and Columbia University. Casarella's prints, paintings and sculpture have been included in a score of exhibitions in the United States and Eastern Europe and they are included in numerous public collections.
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