Jonathan Borofsky

American , 1942 -

American sculptor, painter and draughtsman, Borofsky was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1942. At a young age, he accompanied his mother to weekly painting classes, where he was encouraged to draw. He attended Caregie-Mellon University in Pittsburg, PA and Yale School of Art and Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut, where his work was mainly in sculpture.

Borofsky's first exhibition was in 1973 at the Artist's Space in New York. One of his most recognized images is "The Hammering Man", which has appeared in both two- and three- dimensional works, including a 3.65 m high sculpture with a motorized hammering arm.
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String of Consciousness- Organic Square



Under $2,200

Man with a Briefcase


Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl

$35,000 - $70,000