Giuseppe Zocchi

Italian , 1711 - 1767

Italian painter and printmaker Giuseppe Zocchi was born near Florence, Italy around 1711. His artistic training began in Florence and the Marchses Andrea Gerini took Zocchi under his protection at an early age. He sent Zocchi to Rome, Bologna, Milan and Venice to continue his studies. While in Venice, Zocchi saw engravings of views by Michele Marieschi and Bernardo Bellotto. He painted a small, oval portrait of Andrea Gerini and Antonio Maria Zanetti, (a Venetian connoisseur and friend of Gerini).

Zocchi's exceptional views of the city of Tuscany have been equaled by few other artists. A series of small prints depicting historical views of the architecture of Florence were engraved by various artists after Zocchi.


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