Adrian Ludwig Richter

German , 1803 - 1884

Adrian Ludwig Richter was born in 1803. His father was Carl August Richter, Professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Dresden. Richter studied under his father’s direction for his first twelve years and in 1820, he traveled to Strasbourg and the Midi in France as part of his artistic studies. In 1823, he traveled to Italy, where he based himself in Rome, visiting Naples and the surrounding areas. Richter’s work, “The Valley of the Amalfi” was generated from this trip.

He was named Professor of Landscape and Animal Painting at the Dresden Academy in 1836 and following another trip to Italy, he decided to dedicate himself to works on the German landscape and people. In 1853, Richter was made an honorary member of the Munich Academy and in 1874, of the Berlin Academy. He was the recipient of Gold Medals at the Salons in Paris (1855) and Vienna (1883).

Many of the landscapes and genre scenes that Richter engraved were made into woodcuts and used as illustrations for popular children’s books. From 1987 to 2000, 167 of Richter’s works were out up for auction.


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