Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Italian , 1683 - 1754

Born in Venezia in 1683, Giovanni Batista Piazzetta was the son of a woodcarver. He studied under Giuseppe Maria Crespi in Bologna and was likely influenced by him to take up genre subjects.

Piazzetta’s works are few, appearing to have been executed with speed and facility. In actuality, they were carried out with careful deliberation and infinite pains. To support his family he made drawings for collectors as book illustrations. His work was heavily influenced by Rembrandt’s etchings and his paintings evolved from Baroque contrasts of chiaroscuro towards a freer Rococo style.

Piazzetta was elected a member of the Clementine Academy of Bologna in 1727. On the foundation of the Venetian Academy, he was made its’ first director and teacher of drawing from the nude in 1750.


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