Barbara Westermann

German , 1958 -

Barbara Westermann is a conceptual sculptor with strong interest in architectural elements, musical forms, social issues and communication. A student of Daniel Spoerri, she planted trees in the Joseph Beuys 7000 Oaks project. She maintains a social sculpture practice that is formally elegant, embracing minimalism, urban planning and architecture.

Westermann works with Clay Street Press on a number of printed editions including the Camp David and Parallax View series, as well as Three Pillows (with William Allen) and Endless Landscapes (with William Allen, Birgit Jensen, and Jochen Saueracker). Westermann has shown her work at The Tate Modern; PS 1; Museum of Modern Art; the Whitney Museum of American Art; Momenta Art; Ronald Feldman Gallery,; and the New School, as well as David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI and La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, CA, among others.


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