Allan McCollum

American , 1944 -

Multi-media artist Allan McCollum is known for his explorations of meaning in mass production, and of uniqueness in seemingly infinite repetition. Born in Los Angeles, McCollum never received formal artistic training, but draws inspiration from the 1960s Fluxus movement and artists such as Sol LeWitt and Daniel Buren.

McCollum’s work has incorporated sculpture, photography, graphic media, and found objects. In 2004, he produced a series of 1,200 digital prints on rag paper entitled “Each and Every One of You.” Half of the prints were one each of the most common female names in the US , the other half were male names. He received great acclaim in 2005-2006 for his “The Shapes Project.” With this project, McCollum produced 31 billion unique shapes in various media, 9,000 of which are digital monoprints. This huge production is a response to a peak in the human population that is projected to occur in the mid 21st century. “The Shapes Project” has produced a unique shape for each person who will be alive during the time of the highest population ever estimated for mankind.
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Cirrus Gallery and Editions

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The Book of Shapes


mfc-michele didier

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Lands of Shadow and Substance (No. 1-27)


Graphicstudio / U.S.F.

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