Paul Kleinschmidt

German , 1883 - 1949

Paul Kleinschmidt was born in Bublitz, Pommern in 1883. He moved, with his family, to Berlin in 1894. In 1909 and 1911, he took part in exhibitions of the Berlin Secession. During WWI, Kleinschmidt served as a fireman, but was discharged after suffering severe gas poisoning. He worked as a draftsman following the war, but financial distress led him to printmaking.

He produced two prints in 1923, an etching on paper, titled “Liebespaar” (Couple) and a lithograph on paper titled “Liegender Akt” (Reclining Nude). After a series of successful exhibitions, he was able to travel to the United States, where he exhibited in Chicago and Philapelphia.

In 1936, he was defamed as “degenerate”, and he emigrated to Switzerland and later Holland. In 1943, Kleinschmidt was forcibly repatriated and forbidden to paint. He settled in Bensheim, only to have a bomb destroy his home in 1945. Paul Kleinscmidt died of a heart ailment in 1949.


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