Reuben Kadish

American , 1913 - 1992

Printmaker, muralist, painter and sculptor Reuben Kadish was born in Chicago Illinois in 1913. In 1919, he settled in Los Angeles, where he studied at the Stickney School of Art and Otis Art Institute. Later, he taught at the Pacific Institute of Music and Fine Art and was an assistant to muralist Siqueiros in southern California.

Kadish’s intaglio print, “Lilith” was made at New York’s Atelier 17 printmaking studio, one year after a landmark exhibition of prints from the Atelier at the Museum of Modern Art. During the 1930s, Kadish was head of the mural division for the Federal Art Project in San Francisco. He was an art correspondent for “Life” magazine during WWII. Following the war, he bought a dairy farm in New Jersey and withdrew from the art world until 1950 when he became interested in sculpture and taught at Cooper Union in New York City. Kadish died in NYC in 1992.
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