Kyu-Baik B. Hwang

Korean/American , 1932 -

Kyu-Baik Hwang was born in Pusan, Korea in 1932. By 1968, he was already a well-established painter in Korea and he decided to go to Europe to seek new challenges. Hwang went to Paris where he studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre and printmaking at Atelier 17 with founder, Stanley Hayter.

In 1970, Hwang moved to New York City, where he worked primarily in color mezzotint, a print medium to which he now exclusively devotes his work. Using soft lighting and colors that can be described as both vivid and subdued, Hwang depicts familiar subjects in surreal settings.

Hwang has been awarded prizes twice at the Ljublijana Print Biennale in the former Yugoslavia. He was also a prize winner at the Bradford Print Biennale in England. He has had numerous exhibitions in Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Korea, Yugoslavia, England and the United States.


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