Louis-Adolphe Hervier

French , 1818 - 1879

French painter, draughtsman and printmaker Adolph Hervier was born in Paris in 1818. He was first taught by his father, Marie-Antoine Hervier,who was a successful miniature painter. He later studied under Léon Cogniet and Eugène Isabey.

Hervier’s work had an individual style from the start. In 1849, his work first appeared in the Salon, but he was exhibited there only eight more times, with 23 rejections. Hervier’s work was praised by fellow artists, Champfleury, Corot, Gautier and Rondolphe Bresdin, but their praise brought him little financial success. His output of etchings was few and he made very small editions, which are now very scarce.


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